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November 29, 2013
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HPM: Rhyona Emberly by IcyReflections HPM: Rhyona Emberly by IcyReflections

Edit 12/9/13: I finally finished her written information! Please let me know what you think. I hope everything is suffice. ;u;



General Information

Name: Rhyona Emberly

Nickname: Ember, Rhy

Age: 19

Birthday: December 1st

Gender: Female

Totem: Fletchinder (#662)

Home Island: Affection Atoll


Physical Appearance/Attributes

Height: 5’4” (162.5 cm)

Weight: 118 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing features: Long hair (with feathers and ribbons tied in); yellow markings on her cheeks

Bodystyle: Skinny; “Rectangle”

Hair color: Black

Hair style: Normally loose but occasionally she will tie it back when she is working

Typical clothing: Anything comfortable, really. She likes ‘tribal’ designs and over-sized sweaters. She likes dressing in ‘warm’ colors and often wears loose, breezy clothing because she "overheats" quickly. In the winter, she will dress in layers with boots (she has a love for boots) and in the summer she will generally walk around in shorts, a cool shirt, and bare feet. I will most likely fill out the meme for this later should I get accepted into the group and replace this text with a link.

Accessories: She likes wearing necklaces, particularly ones with feather charms or whistles attached.



Occupation: Business (she helps her Grandma run her inn by assisting with the cleaning and tending to the customers.)

Current home: The floor above the inn

Shop Name: Tortuga Springs

Stock Type: An inn that offers visitors a place to spend the night and relax in its communal hot spring.



General attitude Friendly and easy-going for the most part. She likes trying new thing and looks forward to meeting new people. Her outgoing and optimistic outlook on life makes it pretty easy for her to strike up a conversation and make friends (which is a convenient skill to have in her profession. She comfortably transitioned from her quiet life back at home to her new life as her grandma's 'assistant' innkeeper). She is eager to please and is always happy to be in the company of others regardless if it means that they do something 'crazy' and 'daring' or 'laid-back' and 'subtle'. Her philosophy in life is to live everyday like it was her last and thus she tries to fully experience and savor every moment life has to offer. 

Despite her love for life and passion for meeting new people, Rhyona does exhibit several flaws that may complicate potential friendships. She is normally laid-back but does exhibit a competitive side (no doubt a side effect of having a younger brother and making a ‘game’ out of mundane activities). She likes hanging out with people and goofing off- just be weary that she can get wrapped up in the excitement of the event and will do everything she can to ‘win’. Her biggest flaw, however, may be her recklessness. Rhyona has a habit of acting first and thinking later. It is uncertain if this is because she gets wrapped up in her own thoughts or because she isn’t patient enough to sit around and think of other options- it is just known that when she gets something on her mind, she will follow through with it regardless of the consequences. She follows her own instincts but she sometimes lacks the judgment that tells her right from wrong.... but, as long as she has fun and comes out of the experience in one piece it’s no big deal in the end, right?

At work- Because she is so friendly and willing to go out of her way to make others feel 'at ease', she does take great pride in her role at the inn and she gives her best effort to be polite and efficient, despite her sometimes flighty attitude. She initially never thought she'd settle for the work that she is currently doing (cleaning is SO boring) but she has since found her career to be pretty satisfying. She really likes helping others and is determined to make their stay in her Grandma's inn a relaxing and memorable experience. (There may be times however, that she sleeps in or is busy exploring the woods or sitting on the roof when she should be dusting the clock or sweeping the floors. She often also gets distracted by the guests and will spend much of her time just chatting with them or telling them tall tales.)

Good characteristics:

Easygoing || Friendly || Good-humored || Adventurous || Free-spirited

Neutral trait:

Her honesty/bluntness 

Character Flaws:

Competitive || Reckless || Instinctive || Airy || Impatient

Fears Rhyona is afraid of the dark and tight spaces- they make her feel ‘trapped’ and ‘suffocate’ her. She is also afraid of rock-type pokemon (geodudes, specifically.) 



Skilled at:

-Telling stories: she has a knack for casually striking up conversations with people and eventually trailing off into an exaggerated tale. She likes impressing people with whirlwind events that may or may not have really happened. The best part of her job, in her opinion, is being able to meet so many colorful people and being able to swap stories with them.

-Whistling: she may be mediocre at best with her woodwind instruments but she does fancy herself a strong whistler. It of course wasn't a skill that she was ever truly REQUIRED to perfect but she liked mimicking the calls of the birds she watched and eventually she became quite adept at distinguishing between the various bird song's and repeating them. When she isn't watching birds and mimicking their calls, she can often be found whistling a tune as she tidies up the inn.

-Carving little wood-wind instruments and totems out of wood: this 'skill' is low on the list for a reason. Her father taught her how to carve trinkets during their summer camping trips when she was little. She is still not that great at wood-carving (honestly, she never really tried to 'get as good as' her dad) but she has a general knowledge of the craft and still greatly admires her father’s skills as well as other artists’ talents. So yeah, she can do it... but not very well.

Unskilled at:

- Cooking: Rhyona knows how to make a few simple dishes but she will occasionally go overboard with spices or forget to turn the burner off.

- Singing: She adores music and dancing... but she is not a talented singer. She will often 'sing along' with whatever music is being played and although her voice isn't HORRIBLE, it certainly isn't professional.

- Drawing (and many other forms of art): Rhyona loves art and she likes to express herself creatively. The only problem is, she tends to procrastinate and when she finally puts her mind to her projects, she quickly loses interest and motivation. She also tends to get carried away by her imagination and will get frustrated when she cannot emulate her thoughts through her limited artistic skills. This is why story telling suits her better than other forms of art- she can speak and express her ideas verbally as they come to her. It is harder to draw or sculpt what she thinks due to fleating time and attention.



In my youth, my energy knew no bounds.

My spirit flew amid the drift of my imagination’s strong, restless wings. 

My pilgrimage was never-ending. My thoughts were constantly filled by my expeditions to snow capped mountains that shimmered gold in the sunlight and villages that floated atop the ocean’s ridged crown, forever destined to ascend towards the heavens and descend into the depths from which they came.


In her youth, Rhyona was an energetic and happy child. She was constantly on the move, exploring the mountains that surrounded her hometown and climbing trees with her twin brother, Finn. Her love for nature was fed by her father’s own enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Prior to the birth of his two children, Rhyona’s father used to be a skilled artist (specializing in wood carving) but gave it up for a better job (a ranger) when his wife wanted to start a family. 

Rhyona often went on camping trips with her dad during her summers off from school. The trips were a great way for her to bond with her father and taste the open air that she constantly craved- but they also served as an escape from her mother, who expected her daughter to learn how to run her family’s low-key bed and breakfast (which had been traditionally handed down from mother to daughter for several generations). Rhyona refused to be saddled with the business for the rest of her life and did everything in her power to distance herself from the bed and breakfast and her mother.

As a result, Finn, her younger brother, became her mother’s new hope that the business would stay within the family and though Rhyona loved her mother very much, their relationship was never as strong as the bond Rhyona had with her father, whom she considered one of her best friends and would count the days until school let out for the summer so they could go on their camping trips and just goof off. Rhyona loved hiking with him, telling stories around a campfire, listening to the birds, learning to carve trinkets out of wood, learning to swim in the brook, watching the stars… she just loved being outdoors with her father.

Through a turn of unfortunate advents in her pre-teen years, however, Rhyona and Finn stupidly went hiking in the caves that her father had warned her to never tread alone and she accidently upset a sleeping Geodude, who trapped her in a small cranny and led to her breaking a leg and having a claustrophobic mental breakdown. Finn was luckily able to find a way out of the cave and get help but although her father never severally punished her for disobeying him (a broken leg and feeling ‘suffocated by the walls and darkness’ seemed to be punishment enough), Rhyona never felt her father could trust her the same way he used to. She subconsciously felt he was constantly disappointed in her and her guilt and shame continued to strain her relationship with her dad so much that eventually she stopped joining him on their camping trips in her teen years. 

Prior to turning eighteen and graduating from school, Rhyona started to confide in her Grandmother, who, in her old age, developed a respiratory illness and was looking to open a ryokan inspired inn in Raccolto- away from Mt. Chimney and its ashy skies. Rhyona explained how Finn spent his childhood learning how to cook and run a business and how her shortsighted rebellion left her without a future. She suddenly began to question her self-worth and for the first time, she really criticized her easygoing lifestyle and admitted she should have tried to build some sort of life skills so she could shape her own destiny.

Her Grandmother listened carefully to her plight and kindly offered her a room in her new home. She said as long as Rhyona made peace with her family and herself before her moving date, she was free to come with her to Raccolto and begin a new life. Rhyona hastily agreed to her Grandmother’s offer and kept true to her promise by announcing her plans to start anew and by apologizing to her dad for disobeying him and disappointing him, to her mother for refusing to listen to her, and to Finn for dumping her responsibilities on him.

Each of her family members told her that they loved her more than she knew and could never hold her mistakes against her. They wished her well and hoped that she could finally find her place in the world but said that they’d welcome her back home should she need them for anything. 

With her old optimism and new-found confidence, Rhyona was able to move away from the misunderstandings she suffered in the past and focus on the present with the hopes that her new path would lead her to a brighter future.

Extended Version:…



Sexuality: Bi-curious

Gift Ideas:

Favorite food: Chili, venison, dark chocolate

Favorite drink: Tea, wine

Favorite gift:

-Anything handmade (she has a deep respect for artists and musicians) or harvested from a farm/ranch

-Bird feathers (particularly Braviary, Noctowl, Talonflame/Fletchinder/Fletchling feathers)
Least favorite gift:
-Flowers (she appreciates the gesture but prefers to see them in their natural habitat rather than being pulled up.)



-Her ocarina necklace is extremely special to her as it was the first item she carved on her own (with her dad supervising, of course.) She is also very attached to the feathers tied in her hair. They don’t really mean anything, they just make her feel spiritually connected to her totem, like most bird feathers.

-She adores bird Pokemon and horses (of course, she never saw/met a horse before she moved to Raccoloto. She would love to ride one someday, though.)

-She used to be a pretty competitive tree climber as a kid. She and her brother used to have climbing contests to see who could climb the fastest and highest.

-She can be pretty athletic. She doesn't normally shy away from physical activities. She really enjoys running/jogging, hiking, dancing, etc.

-Her favorite hobbies/activities include:

-Taking walks (she was born in a village nearby Lavaridge and thus hiking up mountains and through caves was a big part of her upbringing. She was taught to respect and adore nature and has found that her walks through the woods and country side puts her in a peaceful state of mind. While hiking gives her an opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, it also gives her physical challenges to overcome- which helps stimulate her active mind and need for excitement and adventure. It is the perfect blend between her philosophical, introverted persona and her extroverted, fun-loving persona.)

-Watching the stars (on warm summer nights, she enjoys laying back and just looking up at the stars. She doesn't really know any constellations but she likes bathing in the serenity and beauty of the nighttime sky. She also likes comparing zodiac signs and sometimes tries to guess which sign people were born under by their mannerisms.)

-Listening to music/dancing (she isn't particularly musically talented. She is a good whistler and is decent with her ocarina and small flutes but she isn't a masterful musician. She cannot play any other instruments and she cannot read music.. but, because she has a bird-totem, songs and music mean a lot to her- its an expression of a person's (and animal's, for that matter) spirit. She admires any and all forms of music- and she isn't afraid to show off her dance moves either. She may not be much of a singer or musician, but she loves to dance.)

-Bird watching (having a bird totem, Rhyona was always fascinated by bird pokemon. She always admired their grace and freedom and took great pride in having a Fletchinder as her totem Pokemon. She greatly identified with birds' need to soar through the skies with few restrictions telling them where to go and where to land and took to bird-watching in her spare time as a younger girl.)



Dog race: Growlithe

Dog name: Ash


Fun Facts:

-After the death of her husband several years ago (Rhyona and Finn were still quite small), Rhyona's grandmother began raising dogs to keep herself company.

-Ash is the son of her previous male Arcanine.

-Ash is well trained for his age (he's about 2 years old) and remains devoted to Vista (Rhyona's grandmother).



Art, Character, Design, Information (C) Me

Harvest-Pokemoon (C) Admins

Fletchinder/Pokemon (C) Nintendo


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SacredLugia Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh oh my gosh I meant to comment on Rhyona's application aaages ago; she's such a cutie and I loved reading all about her! :heart:
I love your art style omg. And the clothing and fashion style Rhyona has is literally the best thing ever; I love how naturally it seems to work with her and everything, fff. :iconmermaid-plz:
I hope this isn't too sudden, but would you like to RP? Clara needs cool friends hnghh
IcyReflections Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh thank you <3
I am so pleased to hear that you like her. ^^

And of course I'd love to RP with Clara! 
She is lovely and I'd love Rhyona to meet her.
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, you're welcome! :iconletmehugyouplz:

Fffff, thank you so much! ;u;  Would a note RP be alright with you?
IcyReflections Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Notes are absolutely fine~ ^^
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sent! :heart:
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey hey Icy! I know this is totally random, but I saw you were looking for a voice actress for Rhyona for the meme? I love doing this kinda thing, and I was thinking that Tara Strong's normal speaking voice might be a nice match.…

What do you think? I can hear her either breathy or with a sort of rougher texture to her voice. But Tara's kinda nice.
IcyReflections Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey hey! I love random comments! ^^
This was really thoughtful of you. <3

Yes it is true. I have yet to chose a definate voice actress for my dear Rhyona.
When I originally made her, I thought maybe Marceline from Adventure Time.... and then when I rp'ed her, I thought maybe Clara from Dr. Who.
Tara Strong is a great actress! (And her regular speaking voice is lovely too.)

Thank you for the suggestion! :)
I will have to listen to hear a little mlre and see if it is a good fit- but if you have other suggestions, feel free to let me know. ^^
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Cool! Well, I also thought of Jamie Chung (I didn't watch the whole clip, so I don't know what they're talking about).…

If I hear someone perfect, I'll be sure to tell you!
IcyReflections Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This will be fun. Swapping voice actress ideas. X3

Hm. I never heard of Jamie Chung before.
She is a cutie- but I think her voice is a little too... idk? Perky? 
I imagine Rhyona to have a somewhat deep/mature voice (or as mature as you can be at 19 yrs old xD). Kinda flighty/wispy/dreamy... polite and full of genuine intrigue and curiosity. 
She is very forward. She doesn't hide anything, if that makes sense xD

We will get it!
Just you wait and see~
birdmir Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Okay! I feel like I'm on the trail of something, like a foxhound. XD

How about....Elizabeth Banks?…

You can hear her at 25 seconds in.
Or Irene Bedard? She voiced Pocahontas!…

And this might be a little out there, but there's also Glenne Headly.…
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