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An Introduction

“Hey, Anubis! Don’t let any pesky tags inside while I’m out! I'm going to the store to buy more salt, boards, and nails to fortify our house in the middle of nowhere with.”

-After half an hour of shopping, I return to see something has shattered one of my windows. I approach my domicile, pick up the single arrow that penetrated window, and read the attached note: Letter Tag for you, sir!’-


But no, all ‘joking’ aside, my guard cat fell asleep (REAL SMOOTH, ANUBIS!! Braaavooo. -slow claps-) and I’ve been tagged once again by Miss Flansy (thank you~).
You can check out her responses to this topic here:

I actually enjoy categorizing my favorite Pokemon by region AND type. It’s a casual hobby of mine~ (Any excuse to make a list, am I right?) This should be a piece of cake! (Also, this journal does not include nearly enough poetry or figurative language! I am grossly aware of this and may try to remedy it at certain intervals, but I ask you to be kind with your judgement… I can feel your disappointment and scorn like a spit ball to the neck. It’s most unpleasant… and just... hangs there… ew.)

Generation I – Kanto Region

5.  #028 Sandslash by Pokemon-ressources - Sandslash (#028)
4.  #092 Gastly by Pokemon-ressources - Gastly (#092)
3. #134 Vaporeon by Pokemon-ressources- Vaporeon (#134)
2. #089 Muk  by Pokemon-ressources - Muk (#089)
1. #004 Charmander by Pokemon-ressources- Charmander (#004)

(I'd like to include an honorable mention for staryu, just 'cause it looks cool with a witch hat on, and I like to imagine it has a single eyeball~ I also really like lickitung.)

Charmander, my love!
You’ve been the object of my affection
Since grade one!
Remember the Halloween parade,
And Christmas,
My tonsillectomy,
And smoldering curtains?
We’ve been through it all together~
Oh, my dear Arthur!
You’re the mightiest of dragons!


And muk!
I cannot sing your praises enough!
You’ve gone
And singlehandedly trounced my sister’s team
Into the dust~

Generation II - Johto Region

5. #203 Girafarig by Pokemon-ressources - Girafarig (#203)
4.  #184 Azumarill by Pokemon-ressources - Azumarill (#184)
3. #164 Noctowl by Pokemon-ressources - Noctowl (#164)
2. #196 Espeon by Pokemon-ressources - Espeon (#196)
1. #178 Xatu by Pokemon-ressources - Xatu (#178)

There is a Xatu with wisdom glinting in his eye.
I’m transfixed by his meditative aura,
And downtrodden
As he walks
No, -SLAMS!-
into a closed door...


In the distance, you can hear the shrieking wail of a rabid feline on a chain.
Don’t look HER in the eye, and don’t wander too close.
This espeon has lost her kits
And with them, her mind.
She will fight tooth and nail
For her children, left behind

Generation III – Hoenn Region

5. #320 Wailmer by Pokemon-ressources - Wailmer (#320)
4.  #260 Swampert by Pokemon-ressources - Swampert (#260)
3.  #324 Torkoal by Pokemon-ressources- Torkoal (#324)
2. #286 Breloom by Pokemon-ressources - Breloom (#286) (Shroomish is also delightfully grumpy.)
1. #357 Tropius by Pokemon-ressources - Tropius (#357)

(My favorite region~)

I was wandering through the wilderness
Frightened and alone,
In the rustling of the tall grass
Came a tree
That wasn’t a tree at all!
Away I flew, upon his back,
With enough bananas to eat my fill
And rectify my starving gut!
The giant of Fortree saved my life that day,
I’m forever in his debt.

Generation IV – Sinnoh Region

5. #455 Carnivine by Pokemon-ressources - Carnivine (#455)
4. #426 Drifblim by Pokemon-ressources - Drifblim (#426)
3. #432 Purugly by Pokemon-ressources - Purugly (#432)
2. #429 Mismagius by Pokemon-ressources - Mismagius (#429)
1. #473 Mamoswine by Pokemon-ressources - Mamoswine (#473)

Come away, come away!
You sweet, naïve, little thing!
Take hold of my bouncing string!
Up, up, up
We’ll fly
I’ll take ye away, body and all,
So whose to know when you’ve died?


It’s a trap, It’s a trap!
Woe is me! I’ve fallen in
and its jaws went SNAP!
Look at me!
Who knew I’d make such a decadent snack?

Generation V – Unova Region

5. #593 Jellicent m by Pokemon-ressources - Jellicent (Male) (#593)
4. #562 Yamask by Pokemon-ressources - Yamask (#562)
3. #561 Sigilyph by Pokemon-ressources- Sigilyph (#561)
2. #569 Garbodor by Pokemon-ressources - Garbodor (#569)
1. #607 Litwick by Pokemon-ressources - Litwick (#607)

(This generation was the most challenging to narrow down to five measly selections...)

Morwenna fell down the well
When she was very small.
Poor dear broke her legs
And no one ever heard her call!
There she sat wailing,
At the bottom of that deep, deep tomb
Until a candle came and lit her way,
And freed her from the damp cold and rats.

In the catacombs,
-That little witch!-
Burns for all eternity!
She’s a lilac flame
That won’t blow out
And will gladly show you the way
Through the deep, dark abyss…


He may stink
But he tries his best to
Eat only fresh ingredients
And pleasant smelling
Cleaning products!

Generation VI – Kalos Region

5. #683 Aromatisse by Pokemon-ressources - Aromatisse (#683)
4. #700 Sylveon by Pokemon-ressources - Sylveon (#700)
3. #711 Gourgeist by Pokemon-ressources - Gourgeist (#711)
2. #708 Phantump by Pokemon-ressources - Phantump (#708)
1. #706 Goodra by Pokemon-ressources - Goodra (#706)

Deedra sits in her hut
Knitting a sweater
That she can never wear!
Her eyes squint through tiny frames,
And tea steams on the hearth.
Her ball of yarn
Is stuck to her round belly
And wraps around her arms,
Covered in sticky goo!
She knits the sweater for nobody,
A visitor that will never come,
For who could love a goodra-
They aren’t good for hugs!

Generation VII – Alola Region

5. #779 Bruxish by Pokemon-ressources- Bruxish (#779)
4. #791 Solgaleo by Pokemon-ressources- Solgaleo (#791)
3.  #52' Alolan Meowth by Pokemon-ressources - Alolan Meowth (CHEATING!? Screw the rules! This is my least favorite game! -flips table-)
2. #722 Rowlet by Pokemon-ressources - Rowlet (#722)
1. #778 Mimikyu by Pokemon-ressources- Mimikyu (#778)

I’ve met a leper today
Who said their skin
Is blotched
With boils
And painful scars

When I inspected them more closely,
I noticed nothing of the sort!

And that’s when the creature
Smiled at me
And took my fair hand,

“Your skin is quite soft," they said,
"And pretty too!”

Now I find I’m trapped in
Grafting zoo
without thing one
I can do!

Over all favorites

#004 Charmander by Pokemon-ressources #089 Muk  by Pokemon-ressources #178 Xatu by Pokemon-ressources #706 Goodra by Pokemon-ressources #778 Mimikyu by Pokemon-ressources
Charmander, Muk, Xatu, Goodra, Mimikyu


My sister wanted to do this, so I'm giving her permission.
Anyone else who'd like to give it a whirl is welcome. I'd be happy to stalk your choices~

And all of that searching for Pokemon sprites killed whatever motivation I had to write poems about more of my picks. 
Sorry. Hold your fire.

(I.E.- A ‘fictional’ recount of that horrible feeling when you’re feeling unproductive and stumped…)


It’s been a while since I’ve written a reflection piece, and I’m not sure if right now is the best time to give one a go because my head is full of clouds. I cannot see very well- my vision is foggy and words evade me in the mist. I’m grasping, desperately, for phrases as they scuffle by.

In truth, I’ve been ashamed of myself. I cannot seem to find motivation to do anything, save for worry. I feel trapped in infinity, while I dwell on its end- when will it finally come? When will time cease passing me by? When can I breathe?

Everything that I do is subpar.

Everything I write is inadequate.

Why did I think I could do this?

I’m so sad, and I’m tired of being sad… and making other people sad.

I feel I need to hide away someplace. I need to put space between me and the rest of the world. I need to be put in quarantine, to stop the infection from spreading.

I’m sorry.

You deserve better.

I should be better.

Goodness me, I miss reading and writing. I was happy then, right?

Lord, I miss having enthusiasm and imagination. I miss the glorious feeling of creating; the elation of sharing something with others to enjoy… I miss the plotting and the collaboration.

I miss feeling alive.


Please, sweet muses, grant me the luxury of your lips.

I need your fair kiss

And the gentle wind stowed in your breast



To stimulate what life remains

In this cloudy head of mine



A blustery wind!

And I’ll conquer


clear skies!

As you read this, a crime is being committed in a small town where villainy is almost nonexistent.

Now, to be clear, there are frequent criminal acts that take place in this town under the residents’ noses, no town is perfect, it just so happens, the criminals who perform these misdeeds are often tidy, unobserved, and incredibly lucky… Indeed, this town is not as idyllic as you may think. The neighbors don’t speak to each other, people usually keep to themselves. There isn’t much to look at in the town, and even less to boast to strangers about. The town harbors no tourists, in fact, most simply drive right through- you were probably one of them, at one point in your life, and didn’t even know...

You probably were also unaware of the crime that was committed. It happened just as you glanced in your rear-view mirror and bade this humble place farewell.

It was not a simple misdemeanor, nor was it something as grand as a murder, but the accused, I’ll have you know, WAS guilty. She couldn’t wipe it away from her streaked cheeks. It seeped from her red-soaked eyes. She wore her shame like a painting.

She was a terrible masterpiece, and she was guilty of being sad.

As the town became a distant memory on the brink of your horizon, the woman rolled off her bed and hit the floor.

As she laid there, she entertained this single thought: “Sometimes, even the ground isn’t low enough…”


I’m here to inform you, the repeated offender still lays at the scene of the crime. She lays in solitary confinement, doing hard time. And the ground still isn’t low enough for the likes of her…

Dear friends, inspired artists, I believe in you...

It’s funny how people’s opinion of art can fluctuate, depending on their personality, environment, and the era that they were born in.

It’s my opinion that art can shake nations. It can make people quiver in their boots and knock mountains flat. It can speak volumes with few words. It can unite and divide. It can rebel and inspire minds. I think art has the power to move, and should be beheld with honesty and open-mindedness. We are an expressive species and our individuality is the key to our identification as ‘human.’ I relish the opportunity to witness the contributions of my fellow humans. I may not agree with everything we say or do, but I do enjoy observing the way we communicate ideas- the way art moves us, as individuals, to say our peace and express ourselves.

I like seeing these ‘individuals’ rise. I like seeing them create something unique. I like seeing their unique contributions conspire into a movement, and I like seeing the influences of that movement in new eras.

A Thought:
Do the fingerprints of the former remain, or have newer artists tried to polish them from their own displays?

Dear friends, inspired artists, I believe in you...

You are all talented, invigorated individuals and there hasn’t been a day that goes by where I haven’t meditated on my thankfulness for having the opportunity to have met you, either through your art or comments.

You embolden me. You inspire me. You awe me. Each and everyone of you.

I thank my lucky stars to live in an era with minds as brilliant- and shiny- as yours.

I look to the heavens when the sky grows dark and I feel myself losing hope. I see the stars, and I believe in you.

Thank you, for being you.

We drove around in the dark for a good fifteen minutes before she finally turned to look at me. I couldn’t see her face very well, but I could imagine it. Her voice was a whimper. I could see her mournful gray eyes shimmering in my mind. They were like a lone dime in a fountain; a single wish that would never come true.

Gods! Why? Why her? Why does she do these things- and for me of all people? Doesn’t she know what those eyes do to me? What SHE does to me?

We didn’t need to go on this expedition. I tried to tell her so! It was late, we could have just gone home!


‘You like pizza.’

‘Anywhere’s fine, Grandma.’

‘I’ll take you for a nice vegetarian pizza!’

‘Only if it’s not too much trouble. I’m fine with anything.’


We drove around in the dark for a good fifteen minutes before she finally turned to look at me. I couldn’t see her face very well but I could imagine it.

Her voice was a whimper, “I forgot.”

“It’s okay, Grandma.”

“I didn’t take the turn… I can't remember where the restaurant is.”

“It’s okay, Grandma. I don’t need pizza. I’m really fine with anything.”

“I’m sorry…”

“I know, Grandma. It’s okay. We can go somewhere else. It’s okay.”


We had flatbread and soup, and she insisted on the ‘special’ fries.

And she forgot she was ever disappointed.

Regret is pages unread, bound in unbroken leather.
Regret is stories untold, and an audience without a heart, nor an ear, to lend.
Regret is being filled with words, but never sharing them

Never saying:
I value you, even in what may seem the most mediocre of moments.
I treasure you, for the memories and stories that you've given me.

Thank you,
all of you,
for every tiny adventure
you bestow

Dear Friends,

Forgive my frolicking 
in Oblivion

This creature
may prefer
from the din

But I beseech
you know-
you are
the solace
that I cherish
when Oblivion
is too dim

(Thank you, everyone. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are all special to me.)